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Written by Richard Belcher

Richard Belcher, Technical Director, First Sight Media

Richard is Technical Director at First Sight Media and is particularly interested in the development of interactivity and web based video. His expertise in webcasting, video production and interactive media along with his interpersonal skills make him ideal for this position; working closely with clients looking to produce their first webcasts or directing large events and conferences for live broadcast via the web.


Five Top Webcasting Tips

First Sight Media has provided live event video production and webcasting since 2004 so we have experienced the challenges and successes that can arise. We have therefore put together some advise if you are looking to plan your first webcast. Our five top tips for live event webcasting are:

  1. Production values. Ensure that your video is an advertisement for your services and not detrimental; poor lighting, sound and camera work will quickly push potential clients AWAY from your services. Consider using a professional script and an auto-cue to ensure consistency.
  2. Consider your message carefully. Always bear your end goal in mind. The excitement can quickly steer you off track, so be aware of your target audience and what you are trying to communicate to them.
  3. Keep it simple. Viewers’ attention span is much lower on the web, so ensure you keep them entertained. A live webcast session should ideally be no more than an hour. For on-demand viewing, consider dividing the session into smaller sections or editing ‘highlights’.
  4. Immerse the viewer. Ensure that the viewer is completely immersed in the session, particularly if it is a long presentation. Using systems like the iPresenter allows viewers to interact with the webcast, increasing their attention span and recall.
  5. Contact First Sight Media. We pride ourselves on both our excellent knowledge of our industry and also our relationships with our customers. Even if you are considering producing the video yourself, we will happily offer advice or a quotation with no obligation.

We hope you find them useful! For more information or a quotation, please call 0800 072 8753 and speak to Paul or Rich

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