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Written by Paul Hooper

Richard Belcher, Technical Director, First Sight Media

Paul is Managing Director at First Sight Media. Graduating from Medway College of Design in 1983. Paul spent a number of years creating special effects for television commercials before starting First Sight Media in 1993 specialising in live events coverage. Paul oversees all production and acts as project director on many jobs. He is an experienced camera operator, editor and live event vision mixer.

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Broadcast your event Globally

First Sight Media have been providing webcasting & broadcasting services for a range of companies and educational establishments for some years. They are pleased to announce an expansion of the service to the live event and conference market. The advantages of using live broadcast Webcasting your event live instantly reaches a global audience – sending television pictures over the Internet.

Video can be played full screen, or as part of a well designed webpage on the computer.

This service enables the viewer to enjoy the event from the comfort of their desk or at home which in turn saves the organiser time and money flying in overseas delegates. This means exhibitors; marketers and conference hosts can extend the reach of their event and services to an audience who would otherwise not hear their message.

Using the latest technology, First Sight can allow the speaker or organiser to interact with the delegates watching remotely around the world.

The webcast is then immediately available on the client’s website for “On Demand” viewing once the event is over, permitting delegates to see the day’s events once more and for a new audience to take part at a time of their choosing.

 Webcasting technologies run on all modern computers using familiar and in-built technologies like Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player – products that are already installed on the majority of computer systems in use across the world. Broadband internet penetration now means that even domestic users in their homes can access live and on demand video steams – something that was only a dream just a few years ago.

And with advances in computer technology, such as Intel Quad Core, and high powered laptop computing, First Sight Media are able to use small portable broadcast quality equipment on location to capture, record and transmit events onto the Internet, where only a few years ago large Outside broadcast trucks would have been required. And with the technical progress, comes lower costs. Internet Television transmission costs only a fraction of traditional broadcast TV.

“Many companies are daunted by the prospect of broadcasting an event live. In some cases they assume the costs would be too prohibitive. We specialise in making the whole process as simple and easy as possible’ enthuses Paul Hooper, Managing Director. ‘Anyone across the globe with an internet enabled computer can view the event live- in real-time! It has greater viewing potential than any terrestrial or cable television station. ”

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